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Cogit COGIT Foot Sheet Germanium

Foot Sheet Germanium

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Item Number: 91812
Barcode: 4969133222207
Size: 8pcs

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Organic Germanium, Ginseng Carrot, Bamboo Vinegar, Tourmaline, and several kinds of sap powder are combined to make this foot sheet. When the sheet is applied to the sole, it turns to brown as it absorbs excess water in body. Refresh tired foot and body by using it before sleep after bath. Can be used on shoulder, hip, knee, and elbow. Organic Germanium is usually contained in Garlic, Polyporaceae, or Ginseng Carrot.

Ingredients: Processed Starch, Bamboo Vinegar, Powdered cinnamon bark, Chitosan, Germanium, Tourmaline, and Carrot Leaf Powder.

Foot Sheet: 8*6.5cm(4g)2sheets
Adhesive Tape:12*9.5cm2sheets
Stop using the product if you notice any skin skin problems.
Once the pouch is open, use it immediately.
Do not remove the powder in the sheets.
Do not use it on scars or any skin problems.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Body areas that you can use this product:
Foot, shoulder, back, knee, elbow
Do not use it on any other areas.


1.Open the pouch and stick the foot sheet onto the adhesive sheet.
2. Before sleep, attach to clean skin. (Recommended to use after bath.)
Liquid may come out more that the sheet can hold. Please wrap the area with a towel.
3. Next morning, peel off the sheet and rinse the area with water well.

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