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Kokubo KOKUBO Oil Solidifier

Oil Solidifier

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Item Number: 79057
Barcode: 4956810216291
Size: 0.7oz(20g)x3pcs

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Solifies upto 600ml of used oil for environmentally friendly disposal.
Take care of used oil easily without any mess on your hands or kitchen.
Solifies food remainings along with used oil, so that it is easy to clean up a cooking pan and tools.
When you heat up oil, do not leave kitchen and take an extra caution.
Use this product after the range is turned off.


1. After cooking, turn off the stove. While used oil is still warm (higher than 80℃), pour the solifier into the oil slowly.
2. Mix gently until the solifier dissolves.
3. Leave it until the oil becomes solified like Jelly.
4. Using a spatula, remove the solified oil from the pan and throw away as a flammable waste.

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