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Oshimatsubaki CAMELLIA Ex Essence Oil

Ex Essence Oil

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Item Number: 63193
Barcode: 4970170140119
Size: 1.4floz(40ml)

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EX EXCELLENT series gives moisture and shine from roots to tips. Contains refined camellia oil to moisturize, soften, and protect hair.
100% pure, refined camellia oil has transparent and no odor. Easy to handle smooth oil can create a light finish to your hair style.


*Oil Hair Pack*
For color treated, permed, or dry hair.
1. Apply a few drops of Camellia oil before shampoo. Apply damaged areas thoroughly.
2. Wrap your hair with steamed towel (heated wet towel) and leave it for a while.
3. Rinse with warm water and wash with shampoo twice.

To prevent split ends and dryness of hair ends.
1. After shampoo, dry your hair with a towel.
2. Take a few drops and spread on your palm. Apply it to your hair.
(Suggested amount of use: 1-3 drops for short hair, 5-6 drops for long hair. Find the right amount for your hair type. )

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