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Aisen AISEN Laundry Hanger Mini W /  16 Pin Wb

Laundry Hanger Mini W / 16 Pin Wb

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Item Number: 57010
Barcode: 4901105344029
Size: 1pc

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This convenient laundry hanger can be used outdoors and indoors.
Because the hanger hook pivots for various hanging angles, can be used in various locations!
The pins are designed to not leave any inprints on clothing.
Hanging items may be hidden with towels placed on hanger.
Size: approx: 10'x8"x1.5"
Made in China
Made of Polypropylene

Please only use hanger as intended.
Please confirm condition of hanger prio to use. When manipulating hanger, please take care not to injure fingers.
There may be positions not suited for hanging of the hanger. Please confirm stability and condition of area where hanger will be used. Should the load be too heavy or cause instability, please relocate to prevent damage to hanger, or dropping and possible resulting injury.

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