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Kureha KUREWRAP Wrapping Film Mini 22cm X 20m

Wrapping Film Mini 22cm X 20m

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Est. Stock Date: 12/09/2021 to 12/16/2021

Item Number: 35815
Barcode: 4901422152208
Size: 47.3sqft

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Lid snaps shut. Convenient blade perforates wrap for easy tearing. Easy to feel for wrap positioning.

1. When carton is opened, wrap edge will automatically flip up for easy gripping.
2. Package has been streamlined for easier operation by those with smaller hands or children.
3. Package texture and feel have been improved with new UV coating which also offers water resistance properties.
4. The cutting blade is desinged to prevent wrap from folding in on itself so that a flip of the wrist can sever the wrap for easy use.
5. Package design prevents wrap roll from being ejected from carton. Please press firmly on container while cutting wrap.
6. Package design prevents wrap from rolling back onto the roll to ensure easy access when using.
Measurement: 8.5" x 65.5 ft.

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