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Kracie TABINO YADO Bath Salt Milky Assorted Pack

Bath Salt Milky Assorted Pack

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Item Number: 25755
Barcode: 4901417823175
Size: 0.9oz(25g)x13pcs

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Enjoy the experience of a famous Japanese hot spring in the comfort of your own home. Scented and formulated with minerals and moisturizing ingredients from 4 famous Japanese hot springs.

Relaxes and warms your body and soul, leaving your skin moist and smooth.

This special assort pack contains 4 different bathsalts from Japanese famous hot springs: Towada, Shirahone, Okuhida, and Kirishima.

Milky Water type.

Do not use if you have wounds, rash or irritations. If you notice any skin issues using this product, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Symptom may worsen with continued use. Do not store in extremely high/low temperatures or in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Rinse immediately if product gets into eyes.

Ingredients: sodium sulfate, sodium sesquicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, titanium dioxide, peg-150, fragrance (parfum), aluminum silicate, chinpi, steareth-13, sodium oleate, peg-400, peg-45 stearate, touki, silica, sodium metasilicate, sekken soji, polysorbate 80, sorbitan stearate, yellow 8 (ci 45350), butylene glycol, sodium chloride, blue 1 (ci 42090)


Pour contents of one pouch of bathsalt into a tub of hot water (approx. 41 gallons)>

Mix well and immerse body in tub. Relax.

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