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Mandom GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax Extra Hard

Perfect Hold Wax Extra Hard

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Item Number: 17566
Barcode: 4902806196443
Size: 2.1oz(60g)

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Long-lasting style keep wax with hard-hold spray formula.
Ultra hard type wax - maximum hold
Creates the style from roots and keeps it all day long.
Easy to spread into hair to arrange any styles you want to make.
Gives hair moisture and shine, protects against damages.
La France fruity scent.
Preservative free.


Take a generous amount to your palm and spread to whole palms, then apply to hair.
Close the lid after use.

Reviews and Comments for Mandom GATSBY Perfect Hold Wax Extra Hard

  • Please remember this is the hold wax type. You will have to use another kind of wax to create your style before apply this one. I personally use the Lucido to create my hair style then use this one to hold it. Like it a lot.

    by Yume 11/18/2010 5:44:27 PM
  • Worse than moving rubber, the wax feel too oily and can't hold your hair well... buy at your own risk and then come back and comment me~

    by Man 2/27/2009 8:21:11 PM