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Kyowa Textile COZY Support Wrist (all Size)

Kyowa Textile
Support Wrist (all Size)

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Item Number: 07750
Barcode: 4960878001102
Size: 1pc

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One size fits all. The Cozy Supports are interwoven with threads which are coated by the copper complex. That is why Cozy Supports are conductive like copper does. People have believed that copper can help enhance circulation, reduce swelling, relieve stiffness and ease pain. Supports can be worn all day and offer special comfort at night.
Helps to relieve wrist pain, coldness, and numbness. The Wrist Support is sometimes used for the arch. It is very helpful to relieve the foot's fatigue.


How to choose the right size: The support should not be worn too tight. It should fit so that it does not bother you when you wear it for a long time for while sleeping.

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