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Ishihara BUBBLE POUCH Foaming Net Pouch

Foaming Net Pouch

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Item Number: 05076
Barcode: 4971381323568
Size: 1pc

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Throw those soap slivers and sample sized soaps into this soap pouch.
The mesh net will create creamy foam while stopping soap waste.
Pouch to create lather from facial cleansing creams, soaps or cleansing powders.
Use only as intended.
Do not apply foaming pouch directly to face to cleanse skin.
Do not wash or dry in washing/drying machines.
Do not use chlorine bleach on pouch.
Do not place near flames or store in high temperatures.
Store away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.

Material: Exterior: Polyester, Interior: Nylon, String: Acrylic, Ribbon: Nylon

Country of Manufacture: China


1. Wet the pouch with cool or warm water.
2. Apply face wash and roll pounch between palms to lather.
3. Squeeze rich lather from pouch.

Close off pouch mouth with yellow ribbon to prevent soap from escaping.
After use, rinse pouch well and let dry in well ventilated area with pouch mouth open.

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