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Okamoto OKAMOTO Natural Rubber Gloves Thin Pink L

Natural Rubber Gloves Thin Pink L

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Item Number: 02085
Barcode: 4547691728722
Size: 1pair

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Made of soft natural materials that will not stick to hands. Designed with skid proof fingertips and for sensory sensitivity to make work in the kitchen, garden and household easier. Thin type. Pink. Size L.
Scratching or poking with sharp objects may cause water leakage. Should you experience skin irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult with your doctor. Do not touch hot items with gloves on as injury may result.

Do not use with solvents of high concentration, gasoline, benzene, etc. Swelling, absorption or alteration may result. Prolonged contact with some materials made of plastic, vinyl or painted with varnish, lacquer, etc., may cause paint peeling, soiling, or morphing.

Wash well after handling household cleaning agents, detergents, bleaches, kerosene, etc.
To prevent electric shock, do not use for electrical work.
After use, wash well and hang to try in shaded area.
Do not store in direct sunlight.

Front: Natural rubber
Back: Material:

Country of origin:
Sri Lanka

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