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Shabondama Soap SHABONDAMA Hand Soap Bubble Guard Refill

Shabondama Soap
Hand Soap Bubble Guard Refill

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Item Number: 00368
Barcode: 4901797030026
Size: 8.5floz(250ml)

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Shabondama Hand Soap works to fight viruses with an all natural formula created to be effective yet gentle on skin.
Using old fashioned craftsmanship, the soap is prepared in a pot requiring one week of painstaking production. This time consuming procedure ensures that moisturizing ingredients will remain and a high quality soap is created.

Ingredients do not include antibacterial agents, antioxidants, dyes, or perfumes. This soap is additive-free so even with constant hand washing, skin will not dry out.
Foam type for ease of use for children too.
Refill size.
Do not use on skin with issues such as wounds or eczema.
Should any issues arise with use, discontinue use immediately.
Should product come in contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately. Should product be swallowed injest water. Regardless, consult a doctore should any lasting irritation or discomfort remain.
At low temperatures, soap my change color due to natural ingredients.
This will not affect performance.

Always refill Shabondama Hand Soap container with the same soap refill. Not doing so may cause difficulties in dispensing and pump action.


Pump several times initially to begin dispensing foam soap.
Wash hands with cool or warm water and thoroughly rinse.
Should pump become clogged, remove and pass warm water through while pumping.

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