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Kao BIORE Makeup Cleansing Sheet With Oil

Makeup Cleansing Sheet With Oil

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Item Number: 02967
Barcode: 4901301280442
Size: 44pcs

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Simply wipe to cleanse and condition your skin.
Even waterproof mascara will slide off effortlessly. Formulated with silky oils to protect your skin. Additional cleansing is not necessary. The sheet is saturated with beauty elixirs which do not need to be rinsed off.
100% plant derived sheet for a soft gentle cushion like feel.
Do not use on skin with cuts, rash or other skin issues.
Should redness, itchiness or other skin irritation occur with use, discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist. Continued use may worsen symptoms.
Do not allow product to come in contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water without rubbing. Should discomfort continue, consult a doctor.
Remove contact lenses when using product.
Use product only as intended.
Sheets are not water soluble. Do not dispose of in plumbing.
Do not store in extremely hot areas or in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


Using clean hands, wipe away make-up gently without using excessive force.
After each cleansing wipe, fold sheet back to continue with a clean surface. When make up is no longer apparent on sheet, make-up removal is complete.
Use 1-2 sheets for complete facial cleansing.
Additional facial washing is not necessary, unless stickiness is a concern. You may follow up with regular skin care.
Remember to close container lid completely to prevent product from drying.
After opening, product should be used in a timely manner to prevent quality deterioration.

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