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Appolos Inc. BIOGEM Starter Kit Oily Hair Apbgsko

Appolos Inc.
Starter Kit Oily Hair Apbgsko

Limited Stock: ONLY 3 Available
Item Number: 02843
Barcode: 689076298803
Size: 16.9floz(500ml)

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Botanical Therapeutic Hair Care Dr Ross BIOGEM: Dr. Ross, hair care specialist and chemist, based in California, has formulated the optimum hair care system that combines the best of both science and nature. The result is BIOGEM's Ultimate Hair Treatment made with organic and exotic plant extracts that provide minerals and vitamins enriched nourishment onto the scalp, and give hair natural beauty and vitality. Biogem shampoo leaves your hair clean and free from residues that build up from styling products. It revitalizes your hair from roots to tips. Its cleansing formula is gentle enough to be used everyday. This formula contains tropical moisturizers that help heal dandruff, dryness, or damaged hair. Use it everyday; it works great on permed or color treated hair.
Biogem rinse & conditioner lets you control the amount of conditioning your hair receives. Although this formula adds body and long lasting shine, It does not weigh your hair down or cause it to go limp. It detangles and repairs split ends. Use it everyday; it works great on any type of hair.
LEAVE IN TREATMENT: Through exhaustive research, we have formulated the optimum hair care system that: - Infuses hair with protein-enriched, multi-mineral, vitamins, green tea, and sea plant extracts. - Penetrates hair shaft to rebuild and repair. - Protects hair from sun, UV, heat, chemicals, and bad days. Vitamins and extracts aren't only good for your body and skin, they are also good for your hair. When combined with protein, the result is stronger, healthier, shinier hair. BIOGEM LEAVE-IN TREATMENT combines vitamins and natural extracts with essential elements in protein to create soft, manageable, beautiful hair. Who can ask for anything more?


SHAMPOO:Apply to wet hair. Using your fingertips, gently massage the rich lather throughout hair and scalp for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly; repeat if necessary.CONDITIONER:Apply to clean, wet hair. leave on for 30 seconds for light conditioning, or up to 3 minutes for more damaged hair. Rinse thoroughly, dry and style as usual.LEAVE IN TREATMENT:After shampooing, spray in wet or dry hair to the roots and massage into hair. Comb through. Style as usual.

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