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Kai BI-HADA OMPA Electric Razor W /  Holder

Electric Razor W / Holder

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Item Number: 00114
Barcode: 4901331016424
Size: 1pc

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Vibrating at a rate of 100 vibrations per second, the Bi-hada Ompa is an electric shaver for women utilizing sound waves to reduce friction while shaving. The blade moves in a circular motion while vibrating and effectively cuts unwanted hair while making little direct contact with skin. As the unit is water resistant, it may be rinsed lightly to keep clean. As a safety measure, there are 2 caps for the blade. One blade for use on face is also included.
Damage to product may occur should the holder / blade be dropped or incur a strong impact. Please replace blade should damage occur. Please do not submerge in water (product is water resistant not waterproof).
Product is intended to shave unwanted hair. Do not use for any other purpose. Discontinue use should any adverse reactions occur due to use. Do not wipe cutting edge as this may cause injury.
Apply lotion, cream or soap lather when using shaver. Be careful to not let hands slip while grasping razor. Rinse well, shake off excess moisture and store in dry area after each use.
Do not put in water temperatures over 150 degrees. Unused blades should be stored in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Product is a blade and should be handled with care.

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